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A database compiling information for the work in progress Alliances Trading Card Game.

What is "Alliances"?

Alliances is a Trading Card Game (often abbreviated to TCG) designed to rival many popular TCG's with familiar and unique mechanics.

As a TCG Alliances encourages players to collect cards, build decks and duel using various Creatures to defeat their opponent.

So why was Alliances created and why should you want to play it? The creator is a fan of TCG's himself, however no matter how much he enjoyed them there were many aspects about even his favourite, and the most popular games, that annoyed him and Alliances was created to help remedy these drawbacks while retaining the basic fun that TCG's bring.

In Alliances every card is a Creature, so any card you have can potentially be used in a deck. Of course, like most card games, there are many cards that work better with some cards than others, but it is entirely possible to pool 40 random cards together and have a working deck unlike many other games where specific "spell"-type cards only work in certain decks. Naturally most of the fun is exploring different deck concepts and finding which ones you enjoy using the most.

Alliances aims to have no card set rotations, which means that anything created now should be usable anytime in the future, and staples/splashable and "broken" power cards will be heavily avoided to prevent game stagnation. Of course that doesn't mean that there won't be useful cards that can work across many different types of decks.

Alliances is heavily inspired by the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game and, to a lesser extent, Magic: The Gathering. This means that you will likely see many familiar concepts and mechanics, though there will be some surprises that keep the game fresh.

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